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Ice rink project in Bien Hoa

On 28/08/2015, Vingroup launched Vincom Bien Hoa - The tenth Vincom commerce center over the country, opening  "The shopping, entertainment and cuisine paradise" with a brand-new style in Dong Nai and the South East Region. Besides shopping need, the people here will be experienced an exotic amusement park with the special sport - Ice skating. Bien Hoa Vinpearlland Ice Rink owns a scale of 1000m2 and the capacity of 100 people per time, designing and installing by HVC with the most advanced and modernest technology.

This is the tenth Vincom commerce center implemented in a national scale. Once being put into operation, Vincom Bien Hoa will be "the shopping, entertainment and cuisine paradise" with a brand-new style in Dong Nai and the South East Region. Vincom Bien Hoa is located at a prominent location of  the city center (the intersection between Pham Van Thuan and Phan Trung street); consisting of  a five- storey building and a basement with a total area of ​​over 25,000m2; which, is divided into subdivisions such as huge shopping areas, diverse cuisine and fascinating entertainment...

Developing with the model "One destination satisfies all demands" and converging the latest trends, Vincom Bien Hoa provides customers a world of various and abundant commodities such as fashion, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, healthcare, household furniture and electrical appliances...All sectors and services coming from prestigious international and domestic brands are gathering here as Adidas, Giordano, Valentino Creations, Ecco, An Phuoc-Pierre Cardin, Emigo, Bata...

Vinpro Appliance Centre has an area of approximately 2,000 m2 with the world-class electronics products, bringing believers of information technology in particular and the locals in general different experiences. Besides, Lotte Cinema cineplex, Beer VIP Club Mega and the diverse cuisine world with famous chains of restaurant bring both overseas and inland flavor such as KingBBQ, Sumo BBQ, Gogi House, Breaktalk and Highlands Coffee ... Vincom Bien Hoa is ready to fulfill customers with the most enjoyable experiences.

Like other Vincom commerce centers, there is a special high-light which youths are extremely interested in Bien Hoa Vincom. That is the recreation with lots of attractive items firstly presented in Dong Nai – Bien Hoa Vinpearlland Ice Rink with the scale of approximately 1000m2 and the capacity of around 100 people each time. A huge and brand-new recreation area ensures local people the opportunity to experience the glide feeling on a natural ice rink. Within a brief period of 6 months, HVC had concentrated on manpower to complete and put into use the art ice rink, meeting the schedule of the owner. Consequently, HVC has always been appreciated by clients as a prestigious and qualified contractor. HVC is proud of bringing the latest and modernest technology, contributing in the development of high-end recreation sector in Vietnam.

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